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Summer Vacation & Nutrition

Could be stay Fit and Healthy during the Summer Vacation?

The time has come that we have been looking forward to relaxing and spending as much time as possible on the beach!

What is it that we have to do to maintain a nutritional balance without detracting from summer pleasures?

By making Smart Nutrition Choices, proper planning, we can maintain our weight throughout the summer season!

Always eating breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be missed!

Even if we are in a hotel, we can consume a breakfast rich in protein, dietary fiber and vitamins, without burdening our silhouette!


Summer fruits!

Strawberries, peaches, watermelon, melon, cherries, ... Summer fruits are cool and full of vitamins!

We take care to combine our fruit with a protein source so that we slow down the absorption of sugars!

We make sure not to miss our Snacks!

Snacks between meals reduce the feeling of hunger, fill us with energy and help us keep the measure even at the most tempting table!

Organize main meals!

At our main meal we always play a leading role in protein! Chicken, veal, pork, fish or seafood, protein should never be absent!

We calculate the quantity in our palm, if cooked, and accompany with at least 2 handfuls of salad with 1 scoop of olive oil!

We try to limit foods that are rich in saturated fat such as cold cuts, fatty meats and cheeses, fried foods and cream.

We try what else we like, trying to keep the measure in quantity!

We consume alcohol in moderation!

The calories from alcohol are 'empty', since alcohol has almost no nutritional value. Additionally, when we add soft drinks, juices, sugar or other ingredients, calories are multiplied.

Also, our drink is usually accompanied by salty snacks such as potatoes, nuts and snacks, which we smell unconsciously, without counting them in the total daily calorie intake.

We prefer low alcohol drinks such as wine, champagne or beer or a smaller dose of "hard" drink diluted with ice or soda.

Avoid adding beverages or juices and drinking cocktails, liqueurs and sweet drinks.

We switch alcohol to water so that our drink lasts longer.

We remain hydrated!

With the temperature being elevated, the hydration of our body is of the utmost importance!

Prolonged loss of liquids and electrolytes can be dangerous to our health, while our brain tends to interpret dehydration as hunger!

Get ready for summer games!

A part of summer relaxation and fun can also be exercised. Swimming in the sea, walking in the sand or playing racquets!

Exercise also improves our metabolism and mood!

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