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Select a physician and meet him online 

Your first step before you decide to enter one of our programs is to have a free of charge initial conversation with one of our specialist doctors, who will explain to you all the details about our fitness and wellnes programs, our weight loss procedures or if you are interested about bariatric operations. He will be more than willing to answer every possible question you might have.

Our doctors, are more than willing to have a video-chat with you, in which they will thoroughly explain every aspect of your problem or goals and give you perspectives on how we can help you.

We can talk with you any aspect on obesity, eating and emotional disorders or if you preffer we can give thorough information on weight loss operations, and answer all your questions about them.


Through this communication which is free of any charge, you will have the chance to meet and have a close acquaintance with your physician or bariatric surgeon who will be in charge and responsible for you and your program. If you are not happy with your choice, you can arrange meeting someone else.

Your physician or surgeon will always be available for contacting him, before, during or after your visit in Vita Veritas, and he will be there for you all the time as many times as you need him to. 

Medical history and evaluation

After your communication with one of our co-ordinators, we will call you back and ask you if you are interested in completing a medical history and evaluation interview.


If your answer is yes, we will arrange a video meeting with one of our physisians, who will discuss with you about your problem and all possible solutions.

This is very helpfull in determining your physical and medical condition, so that we can find the best and most efficient way to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in doing a weight loss bariatric operation, then we will ask you to send us a full medical report from your family doctor or physician.

We will also discuss with you about previous efforts you made in losing weight, the results you achieved, the expectations you have from our program or the bariatric procedure and discuss all your questions.

Medical Record Analysis
Step 2

Obtaining your nutritional profile

After completing the two first steps towards your journey to Vita Veritas, the next step will be an online video communication with one of our nutritionists and diet experts, who will ask you all the necessary questions and collect all the required information concerning your dietary and nutritional profile.

Additionally our nutritionist will answer all your questions about the way you’ll be eating during your program with us, and she will give you a description of our educational lessons and lectures on nutritional disorders and healthy eating.

If you deside to have a weight loss bariatric operation, she will be responsible for your daily dietary schedule before and after your surgery. We intend that you have a very close communication with her after the operation.

She will guide you through the weight loss period, giving you all the necessary tips for maximazing weight loss results.

Either you enroll yourself in our Fitness and Wellness Program or you decide to have a Weight Loss Operation, she will always support and be there for you after your return back home and for the entire weight loss period.

Healthy Salad
step 3

Psychological evaluation

We encourage our patients to have an interview with our specialist psychologist. The psychologist will discuss with you about your every day lifestyle, your eating habits, the difficulties you might had during your past efforts to lose weight and all your fears and future expectations from a weight loss procedure.

We want to get to know you well, so that we can give you responsible answers about the changes that you will encounter in your future life after a weight loss procedure.

We also want you to get to know us very well, before you decide to travel to Greece and Vita Veritas.

Our main goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable with us so that your travel in Greece feels like home.

We strongly want your experience both from your program or treatment and also from your vacation in Greece to be exceptional.

Medical form with stethoscope
step 4

Travel and Program scheduling

Congratulations! You ‘ve completed the four major steps to your weight loss life changing experience and you are ready to begin your journey with Vita Veritas. You are now ready to schedule your Fitness and Wellness Program or your Weight Loss Operation and arrange your travel and staying period in Greece.

Our coordinator will contact you by phone and by mail, and will collect all the appropriate information that will help us arrange your trip and staying in Greece in the best way according to your needs and preferences.

We will inform you about all the available vacation packages we have, or will help you build one of your own according to your preferences and explain all the financial issues of your trip.

Our vacation packages offer solutions for everyone and for every time of the year.

Greece is a magical country and our mission is to offer you not only a very good Weight Loss Program or Bariatric Procedure to solve your weight problem, but also an unforgettable period of vacation during your Fitness and Wellness Program or after your operation has finished, in some of the best Greek resorts and destinations.

step 5

Fitness and Wellness Program

We offer three different Fitness and Wellness Programs adjusted to your individual needs.  Every program includes daily scheduled Fitness and Outdoor Activities, Specialized Lectures on medical, nutritional and psychological issues concerning nutritional disorders and obesity, a daily eating scheme scheduled from our Specialist Dietitians and performed by Top Chefs in our luxuriοus acommondations, and several other pleasant and relaxing activities such as Spa, Thalassotherapy and Massage Treatments and many more.

Additionally we can arrange custom made programs. You can choose from our services that you want to include in your program, and more, we can arrange to add any service or activity you would prefer during your staying with us.

We want you to be more than satisfied from our services, we try to keep quality and excellence as our main values and we intend to inspire you for a healthy living.

step 6

Vita Veritas gives you a life changing experience to take back home and keep with you for the rest of your life.

We want you to leave Greece, taking along all the knowledge and healthy habits you gained staying with us.

Bariatric Operation Program

We operate in two of the best TEMOS certified private hospitals of Athens, Rea Hospital and Athens Bioclinic. Both of our hospitals provide the most modern operation rooms and equipment, friendly and well trained English speaking paramedical stuff, together with luxurious accommodation wards.

Most patients stay in the hospital for 1-2 days.

After the operation, which is done laparoscopically, the patient is transferred to the modern and specialized bariatric ward in a cozy and quiet room.

After 1-2 hours the patient is mobilized and stays in the hospital for 24 hours under the supervision of our doctors and our very dedicated nurses.

We will provide you with a special diet menu which meets your nutritional needs to ensure that your recovery will be pleasant and successful.After you leave the hospital, you will be transferred to the hotel where you will continue to have our medical, nursing and nutritional monitoring and support. Your stay at the hotel can be combined with a pleasant vacation package which includes indoor and outdoor activities.

step 7

Your vacation programming can include spa and thalassotherapy treatments, beauty treatments, visits in archeological and other interesting sites (Acropolis, Poseidon temple in Sounion, Plaka), nightlife in Athens, Saronic gulf cruises, sail yacht cruises and many more.

After a short two days period near us, which is needed for your best post-operative observation, we can arrange you a vacation package in a more distant destination, like some of our beautiful Aegean islands, Mykonos, Santorini, etc, or you can continue your vacation plan in a beautiful hotel or resort near Athens.

At winter time we can arrange your staying in one of our beautiful mountain resorts where you can rest and relax in one of the most elegant hotel accommodation in Greece.

Our experienced travel agents can fulfill every requirement you may have, for any destination in Greece you may prefer.

In every place you may be during your staying in Greece, we have well trained and experienced medical stuff and nurses you can refer to at any moment of your trip. Also your surgeon and all the team are 24/7 available for you.

Returning home

At the end of the program, our coordinator will take care of anything related to your departure. We will schedule your trip back home and will arrange your transfer with one of our escorts to the airport. We will provide you with a complete medical report on the medical evaluation we made on you and your program achievments, or the operation you had and your health condition after your departure.

We will arrange our next communication via e-mail and video-chat so that we know how you are doing. Our interest in you, doesn’t stop with your departure. We care a lot about you and we will stay in touch the following period, in which you will succeed healthy eating habits, adopt fitness activities and you will achieve a big and rapid weight loss.

We are very commited in providing you a continuing support during the weight loss period, and we will be more than happy to see you achieving your weight loss goals.

step 8

This is our ethical “payment”, to see you normal weighted, beautiful, healthy and reborn.

In addition to the medical report that we will give you, we will be available for any communication and will provide any information to your family doctor concerning the period you spent with us.

Ongoing support

After you return back home, we will provide ongoing support for the entire period of the weight loss process.


We encourage you to stay in touch, so that we can have your feedback and give you proper guidance through the whole weight loss period.


Even if you had a weight loss operation, most of them don’t need any follow up or adjustments to be made.

Nevertheless we believe that communication is very important for both of us, so that we can help you achieve the best results in weight loss.

Our continuous support can last for as long as you want, and it is done by your physician who made your medical evaluation, or your bariatric surgeon and the team that was responsible for you during your operation or staying in Greece.

It includes all the necessary guidance you may choose and consists of the following:

Hotline Consultant
step 9

• Nutritional guidance

• Psychological support

• Medical support and advice from the bariatric surgeon who operated you

• Support and advice from the physician who performed your medical evaluation

• Fitness and exercise guidance from one of our top experts trainers

It is very important to remember that surgery is not a cure but a tool that helps you lose unnecessary weight. The implementation of proper eating habits and changes in your lifestyle under our support and guidance will determine the success and permanence of the results.

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