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Health and Fitness

Vita Veritas Medical Weight Loss Center in Athens is your own  personal trainer in your effort, not only to lose weight effectively and permanently, but also to help you adapt to a new way of healthy eating and healthy living.

Our program refers to those who are ready to make a healthy turn in their life, changing simple lifestyle choices.

We help you and coach you on weight loss practices, physical fitness, nutritional balance as well as emotional and stress management.

We have a full list of well trained and experienced scientists, who will teach you all the different aspects of weight loss, healthy eating and healthy living.

Our program is very well adjusted  to your needs and includes not only just an enjoyable stay in our luxurious facilities but the following amenities too:

  • A daily nutrition program defined by our specialized nutritional
    consultant and cooked by our exceptional chefs.

  • Physical activity and relaxation programs with our best personal
    trainers in our beautiful, relaxing and specially organized

  • And a full program of lectures by our scientific staff about healthy
    eating , medical and psychological aspects of obesity and more.

Weight Loss,  Health,  Wellbeing


1.Normal Weight People

It consists of people with minimal or no problem with their body weight, who want to have a beautiful vacation in our luxurious facilities, enjoying the Greek beauties, but also enrolling themselves in our Fitness and Wellness Program, in order to have very comprehensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects of healthy living.

2.Overweight People

This group consists of overweight and obese people, who have decided to do something about it and need scientific guidance and coaching in their effort. Our program offers that new start in your life. You can combine our Fitness and Wellness Program with a very pleasant vacation package in our in-numerous beautiful Greek destinations. And when you return back home, you can take advantage of our Ongoing Support Program, so that you can implement all the practice and knowledge you gained during your stay with us.

3.Morbidly Obese People

Here we include all our morbidly obese patients. These patients are enrolled in a special Fitness and Wellness Program adjusted to their special needs with the appropriate nutritional and workout programs. In addition to our basic theoretical course on healthy eating, physical activity and emotional and stress control, they are encouraged to attend our Introduction in Bariatric Surgery course, which will help them understand how bariatric operations can offer a whole new perspective in their lives and help them significantly and effectively in their weight loss effort.

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