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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

No other method solves so many health problems of the obese patient at the same time.

No other method prevents so many diseases in the life of the obese patient.

No other method can increase the average survival of the obese patient by ten to thirteen years.

Key benefits of Weight Loss Operations

1. Type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), is successfully treated in 78% of patients and in 90% it is significantly improved. Most patients are relieved of anti-diabetic medication within the first trimester after surgery and glucose as well as glycosylated hemoglobin A1c return to normal. Standard of medical care in diabetes – 2009 –American Diabetes Association

2. Hypertension (elevated blood pressure) is successfully treated in 62% of patients and improved in 78.5% of patients. Most patients reduce or stop antihypertensive medications within 6 months after surgery. Diabetes and Hypertension in Severe Obesity and the Effects of Gastric Bypass -Induced Weight Loss

3. Hyperlipidemia (elevated cholesterol and / or triglycerides) is improved in more than 70% of patients Bariatric Surgery A Primer

5. The risk of sudden death is reduced by 89% Surgery Decreases Long-Term Mortality, Morbidity, and Health Car e Use-In morbidly Obese Patients

Bariatric surgery achieves weight loss with excellent and lasting results in patients with pathogenic obesity.

Secondary benefits of Weight Loss Operations

1. Improves orthopedic problems, reduces arthritis pain and improves mobility.

2. Many other pathological conditions are cured or improved such as:

• Improved opportunities for participation in sports or leisure activities.

• Socio-economic opportunities are improved.

• Self-esteem and creativity improve.

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