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Before you Travel

Medical Travel Coordinator

Our Medical Travel Coordinator (MTC) is the first person you will talk to, from the very beginning of your contact with us. Consider your MTC as your personal friend, and the person who will arrange all issues concerning your trip and stay in Greece. You will meet your MTC personally on your arrival in Greece; she will speak your language, and will be the same person you talked to before.


She will make sure that you have a pleasant stay in Greece and will help you solve every problem that may occur during this period. She will be your 24/7 friend and will be responsible for you before, during and also after you return back home. Your Medical Travel Coordinator will help you take your first step before you travel to in Greece. The first step being choosing and communicating with your bariatric surgeon.


Your surgeon will help you choose the best bariatric procedure that fits your lifestyle. Additionally your surgeon will analyze and explain every issue concerning your weight loss operation and he will answer any possible queries you may have.

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Consequently, your MTC will arrange for you to contact with our clinical doctor, who will note your medical history and take down your medical profile data. The clinical doctor will ask questions about your past or present medical problems, previous operations, possible medications you might take, drug or food allergies and other useful medical information. Possibly he might possibly ask for additional clinical examinations or laboratory tests, which you should perform before you travel to Greece.

Next step would be to communicate with our clinical dietitian. She will ask you questions about your dietary profile, such as how many meals you have, what quantities you consume, if you have a tendency to eat sweets or fatty foods etc. She will also write down all your previous weight loss efforts and the weight loss results you accomplished.

You may consider communication, one of our main priorities. You can always have direct communication with your surgeon or any other member of the medical or organizing team whenever you so wish.

A few other things to do and you are ready to go

Before you plan your travel to Greece, we will ask you to inform us about your social security agency and if any, your private insurance company. This will enable us to make all the appropriate arrangements so that your bariatric procedure will be approved and covered by your insurance.

Depending on your country of origin, you might need a passport and a visa. Consider asking for information at the nearest Greek Consulate to your residence.

Additionally you should contact your Bank or your Credit Card Company, to make sure that you can use your Bank Account or Card in Greece without any problem.

Contact your Phone Company to make sure that your roaming service is active, so that you can use your mobile phone during your stay in Greece. When you arrive in Greece, we will provide you with a Greek cellular phone preconfigured with all our phone numbers, so that you can have easy access to our team.

The electric current in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz). If you are carrying electrical devices from North America, you will need a transformer so that they are usable. An adaptor is required if you travelling from the UK.

Travel and Accomodation Arrangement

Arrival is possible at any one of our many international airports.

Additionally entry into Greece can be made through our many ports and railway stations, while there is easy access by road via Italy for Central Europe residents.

Our coordinator will arrange everything concerning your arrival in Greece and your return home.

We can book any of your transportation including air tickets to and from Greece and all domestic destinations.

Additionally we will send you detailed informative material on your accomodation options, to choose from amongst a variety of hotels and resorts for your perioperative period and after.

The coordinator can also prepare for you and suggest, one of our exceptional postoperative vacation packages in the vicinity of Athens or other popular destinations in Greece, so as to insure a relaxing holiday during your post-operative period.

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Arrival and In-Country Transports

Upon your arrival in Greece, you will meet our coordinator, who will welcome you in our beautiful country and take you to your hotel. She will be the first person you meet in Greece, and will arrange everything so that you enjoy a pleasant, warm and hospitable stay in Greece.

Τhe first day of your presence in Greece our coordinator will update you concerning all the next stages of your trip such as meeting the bariatric surgeon, the preoperative preparation, the hospital and the operation, the first post-operative days, and any other questions that may arise.

After that we will provide you with a domestic cellular phone with a prepaid amount and all the personal numbers of our team members stored, so that you can communicate with us at anytime you need to. The first night in Greece we will offer you and your company a welcoming dinner, in one of our best Greek restaurants.

All your transportation  from and to the airport and between the doctor’s office and the hospital and hotel are scheduled by us and provided free of any charge. For any other transportation you may need to do, we will help you with the best possible way and, where possible, we will arrange that you pay with preferential prices.

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Financial and Insurance Issues

Our goal is not only to provide high quality services but also to ensure the best value for money plan tailored for your individual needs and this is achieved with special financial deals we obtain for our customers.

Before you travel you can fill our communication form or call our medical travel coordinator and choose one of our pricing plans that we provide depending on your needs. If you prefer  we  can help you  build a custom made plan adjusted to your special needs.

In case you choose one of our plans that include a bariatric operation or any other medical service, our medical travel coordinator will contact your insurance company and do all the appropriate procedures to cover the financial cost.

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Plan Your Travel
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