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Reasons to Choose Us

We are a well trained, experienced team, dedicated and with an holistic approach to our clients.
We treat you as a single and particular person and we arrange everything according to your needs.

Our facilities are among the most modern and well equipped facilities in Europe.

The safety and care we provide for our clients is recognized as one of the best in Europe.

We can arrange every last bit of detail of your trip and accommodation and relieve you from stress.

Hospitality is a matter of honor for us.

W e    a r e    d e t e r m i n e d    t o    o f f e r    y o u    a    w h o l e

New Life - Changing Experience

You will have the chance to spend your days in a sunny and pleasant destination with a lot of interesting places to visit and a lot of interesting activities to do.

Our services are reasonably priced with an unreasonably good value for money rate.

The director of Vita Veritas Dr Panagiotis Glentis as well as any other team member guarantee you that you will be able to directly access them at any point of your staying in Greece and before or after that.

We are determined to offer you a whole new life-changing experience.

We are an English-speaking team, you will never feel a foreigner.

We constantly keep up-to-date with the most cutting-edge advances in every aspect of our services.

For those who will have a bariatric or other surgical procedure:

All the operative procedures are performed in some of the best private Greek hospitals, that meet the highest international accommodation and safety standards.

We use the best laparoscopic and other surgical instruments from well known and respected international manufacturers, specially suited to your surgical procedure.

All bariatric operations can also be performed robotically, with one of the world’s best robotic surgical systems (da Vinci Si HD ).

We prepare the patient before operation in detail and care for him after the operation in a unique way.

We are more than willing to collaborate with your doctors abroad before and after your operation.

We already visualize you as a healthy and weight controlled person in the near future with healthy dietary and fitness habits.

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