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Weight Loss Surgery in Greece

Travel to Greece, one of the world's best health tourism destination and make your dream come true.

Combine our state of the art medical services, and relaxing vacation.  

Welcome to Vita Veritas

Vita Veritas was founded in 2003 and is one of the top medical Weight Loss Centers in Greece.

We provide operative treatment in morbidly obese patients, in our modern bariatric centers located in some of the most modern Greek private hospitals.

Our main purpose is to provide an holistic approach not only in weight loss but also in healthy eating, fitness, wellness and relaxation.

All these can be offered in combination with great vacation packages in our top Greek destinations.


Our Services

Health and Fitness

Personalized fitness programs based on your needs and lifestyle.

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Weight Loss Operations

Bariatric procedures, performed laparoscopically or robotically. 


Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures, the final touch in your new body transformation.

Why Greece?

Being an all year tourist destination, Greece is exciting, regardless of the season or place of preference.

Schedule your Weight Loss Operation in Greece, learn the Greek way of life and inspire yourself for a new start in life, in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

A Taste of Greece
Health and Wellness
Beautiful Destinations
Culture and Heritage

About us

Our medical team is composed of experienced and well trained bariatric surgeons, nutritional consultants, personal trainers and specialized psychologists

Additionally our team of coordinators will properly schedule your trip and your staying in Greece and will arrange your full support after your return back home.

​Our only purpose is to give you the best medical treatment for your problem and make this trip extremely pleasant and memorable.

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About us
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What they said about us

Support Group

"It can be challenging going to a foreign country to have a medical procedure done, not knowing what to expect.

I never once felt that I was alone, isolate, or fearful. Every single person I met, the trainers, the surgeons, the nurses were fantastic and supportive. I am so grateful for this incredibly positive experience.

Despina K.

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