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Fitness and Wellness Programs

Getting started with our fitness program doesn’t mean you have to be an elite athlete or an active person at all! With Vita Veritas program we will help you get the right mindset for a healthier, better life with more exercise and fun! Whatever your age or fitness level we will help you figure out a personal fitness program that fits your interests, needs, schedule and life style.

Joining our community, we will help you and your family make fitness a bigger part of your lives. Be Better, be Stronger be Healthier and overcome your expectations. Give yourself and family the attention they deserve!

Individual, family, youth and women’s only programs are available.

Cardiovascular & Ergometric Evaluation

Before you join any fitness program we think appropriate to perform a detailed  medical evaluation as well as an Ergometric test.

Our specialist cardiologists will take a complete medical history and perform specific diagnostic tests to record your cardiologic status.

The Ergometric Evaluation which includes basal metabolic rate measurement, fatty tissue ratio and  oxidative stress measurement as well as aerobic exercise ability etc., will complete your health evaluation so that we can integrate you to the appropriate fitness program.


SGT - Small Group Training

Vita Veritas has created group fitness programs, carried out by certified instructors, in a sure and effective way, according  to your requirements and fitness level.

Small Group Training is an aerobic program, based on exercises that not only increase cardiac rythm, but also activates different muscle groups at the same time and in this way it helps in the reduction of body fat.

SGT includes a lot of training activities like yoga, aqua aerobics, pilates, dance, swimming and is adjusted to your needs.

Vita Veritas is here to accomplish your weight loss goals in a fun and safe way.

Women's Health

Women’s Health is a complete program which addresses to women who wish to escape their daily routine. It’s a program designed for women who want to include physical activity in their life and follow a healthy way of living doing small lifestyle changes.

Women’s Health Week includes fitness programs like pilates, yoga, dance, stretch concept and healthy nutrition.

You will be staying in some of the most luxurious Greek hotels, that provide “spa and wellness services” and give direct access to beautiful beaches for swimming and relaxing moments under the sun.

Women’s Health Week is a pleasure vacation you can do alone or with your girlfriends,  as it is adapted to every women’s needs and desires.


Family Fitness

In Vita Veritas we are committed to take care of your needs. That’s why we have created special family fitness programs for you who wish to have a vacation with your family.

In family fitness week we include all family members in customized activities and programs and we teach you the principles of healthy life in a fun and educational way.

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